Dana Yoeli

Dana Yoeli  (b.1979), is a Tel Aviv based multidisciplinary artist whose practice relies on a wide range of media, constructing large scale installations, video work, photography, drawing and sculpture. Her work focuses primarily on the tension between a personal story and a collective ethos, and the roles that nostalgia, memory and ceremonies play in these relations. Yoeli’s work has been shown in leading spaces and museums in Israel and Europe, with solo shows and special projects at the Petah Tikva Museum of Art and the Herzliya Museum of art (Israel) at Frise in Hamburg and CIRCLE-1 Gallery in Berlin (Germany) among others. She participated in many group exhibitions in Israel and abroad including the Tel Aviv Museum of art, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien in Berlin, Forum for Living History Stockholm Sweden, the Artists' House in Jerusalem, Ashdod Museum of art, Haifa Museum of art, KUBUS Hanover, GSA Glasgow, and other major spaces.  Her works are found in private and public collections in Israel and around the world. Yoeli is a recipient of many grants, awards and fellowships including Asylum Arts in the Neighborhood grant (2023), The independent creatives support by Israeli ministry of culture (2022), Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg Research grant (2019), the Ostrovsky Family Foundation Support (2016), the Joshua Rabinovich Foundation Grant (2014, 2015), Schir-IDA Grant (Hannover) (2013), and DAAD grant (2005). Yoeli is a recipient of the Israeli Young Artist Award (2012), Noam Shodovsky Award for Young Artist (2005).