Hayom’s curators Marie Salomé and Marc Azoulay are developing a series of unique shabbats with like-minded guests and co-hosts, interested in art, transmission and food.

The first Hayom Shabbat was co-hosted with Erin Allweiss and paid homage to her godmother, Julie Saul, a badass woman and gallerist, who sadly passed away last year. 

The second Hayom Shabbat, took place at la Salle A Manger (SAM) in Brooklyn. Lucien Zayan, founder of The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, cooked a wonderful feast with Hayom artist Maya Yadid. Yadid’s art practice is rooted in food and in her Arab Jewish identity. 12 guests were present. One of Maya's sculptures made of bread and clay was shown as well as some of her Judaica ceramics.

Our third Hayom shabbat took place in Oliver Jeffers’s artist studio in Brooklyn. It was co-hosted by the Jewish Food Society. For their podcast Schmaltzy, our co-founder Marc told a remarkable story of how one former White Supremacist became a friend — and joined a Shabbat dinner. Our guests had in common to be interested in how to make change via art and food.

Judaica by Oliver Jeffers, Sarah Nsikak and Maya Yadid was shown.

Food was by Mira Evnine, Challah by Bread Story and Wines by Maison Noir.