Marie Salome
independent curator and writer

Through her various collaborations, curations and gallery jobs, Marie Salomé has developed an expertise in emerging art, textile artworks, process-driven photography and African art. As a curator she is very much inspired by art practices that blur the lines with other fields (e.g., nature, crafts, social change, ritual, food...).

As a writer, Marie Salomé has contributed to many magazines including M  magazine Le Monde, Slate, Vanity Fair, Stylist and La Gazette Drouot. She is the author of Le Livre qui console, a collection of short stories and interviews about tears which is illustrated by Joann Sfar. (Flammarion Publishing, 2014) Marie Salomé is currently working on a book project with Lebanese visual artist Rhea Karam. 







Marc Azoulay
art producer and independent curator

 A passionate advocate of art since his young days in Paris, Marc was trained in finance and his first jobs led him to live in Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro. During his travels, he would always be curious about the local Jewish communities and their traditions. When in Brazil, where Marc was opening the Latin American branch of a travel start-up, he became director of Casa Amarela, French artist JR’s cultural center on top of the favela Morro da Providência in Rio de Janeiro. In 2011, JR was awarded the TED Prize and Marc joined him in New York, where they opened a studio. Since then Marc has been his full time studio  director and art producer. Marc also curates exhibitions with his many talented friends, including Oliver Jeffers, Takao Shiraishi, Justin Bettman and Know Hope. The very first exhibition he put together as a curator caught the attention of the Whitney Museum which acquired a digital work by Jean-Baptiste Michel.