By inviting contemporary artists to rethink Judaica, Jewish ritual objects, HaYom offers an opportunity to rediscover traditions while investing in the future.

HaYom objects are meaningful collectibles created for an international, curious and discerning “tribe of now”, who is interested in the intersection of heritage, contemporary art and modern living. HaYom proves that Judaica objects can be offbeat yet traditional and soulful yet functional. They are thoughtful gifts charged with spiritual, symbolic and artistic value. 



• Bridge the gap between contemporary art and Judaica

By having artists with various art practices and diverse backgrounds put a personal twist on Judaica, HaYom is opening the door to innovation and reinterpretation, adding a new layer of holiness and soul to those ritual objects. Presenting Judaica items that are not mass produced and that are conceived by some of the finest contemporary artists is also a way to reconnect with the initial impulse of Judaica, which used to be seen as an art in itself, made by artists and craftsmen.

• Collect and share stories

True to the nature of Judaica objects, that inherently convey memories, legends and emotions, the curation of HaYom is based not only on the strength of the designs but also on the depth of the artists’ stories and on the discussion they allow about what Judaism and Tradition can be.

• Create valuable heirlooms

HaYom embraces what Judaica embodies; the “everywhere at home” kind of feeling, the beauty of Jewish traditions, the functional objects that have a transcendent je ne sais quoi… qualities that make Judaica so precious and carefully transmitted from one generation to the next.
But HaYom’s collectors don’t only delve into the past, they also support and invest in today's creation and choose what values and beliefs they want to transmit to their offspring.