Menorah | Hayom x Dana Yoeli
Menorah | Hayom x Dana Yoeli

Menorah | Hayom x Dana Yoeli

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Dana Yoeli is multidisciplinary artist whose work is imbued by nostalgia, memory and ceremonies. When her grandmother - the ceramicist Agi Yoeli- passed away, she started working with ceramics as well, and took over her Tel Aviv studio. For Hayom, Dana Yoeli created a personal interpretation of Judaica objects in white glazed porcelain and gold luster, that are inspired by nature and its ever changing eternality. The thread that is weaved between the two women and generations charges the pieces in a poetic sense, which seem both contemporary and timeless. The pieces are adorned with conches, shells and botanic elements sculpted free handedly and molded into shapes that are sensual and convey the feeling of ephemerality of life.

Approximately 10.5" x   4" x 2.75" (27 x 10 x 7 cm) 

CARE: Not dishwasher safe.