Sarah Nsikak

Sarah Nsikak is a Nigerian-American living in Brooklyn, New York. Her love of textiles led her to working in the fashion industry for several years after completing a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. The exorbitant amount of waste generated in the fashion industry inspired a re-routing back to her art practice. Her hand quilted pieces are made exclusively using recycled material sourced from fashion designers based in New York. Special textiles are also sourced through vintage stores and estate sales. Drawing from African proverbs and idioms, Sarah Nsikak borrows romance folkloric imagery from the many cultures she calls home. Her folkloric tapestries have been exhibited at the ACE hotel in Manhattan and at  Monument Gallery in Kingston, NY.  One of her patchwork dresses made under the label La Réunion was exhibited at  The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute in New York. ( A Lexicon of Fashion, Curated by Andrew Bolton, September 2021 - September 2022)