Nathanaelle Herbelin

b. 1989, in Israel

Whether her subject is a portrait, an interior or a landscape, a distinct sense of place permeates Herbelin’s work, which may be in part due to her habitation of two worlds. Born to French and Israeli parents, the artist grew up in Israel and now divides her time between there and France. Herbelin has spent an extensive amount of time in the Israeli deserts, first during her obligatory military service in the Israeli army, as a tour guide at the education unit, and then later on extended excursions of her own. She has witnessed the ever-changing landscape carved continuously by the hands of both nature and man. This tenuous stability of place is present in the work. Her work has been exhibited at Bétonsalon (Paris, 2019), Gallery Emmanuel Barbault (New York, 2019), In Box (Brussels, 2018), the Collection Lambert (Avignon, 2017) and at the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard (Paris, 2017 and 2022). She has also had solo exhibitions in France, Belgium, China and the United States as well as at Umm Al Fahem gallery in Israel. This year she will have paintings shown at Mendes Wood Gallery in Brussels.