Michel David

b. 1978 in Brussels, Belgium

Raised in the North of Israel and is now based in Berlin, where he works with light, 3D printing, technology and volumetric display. One of his best-known on-going research projects is focused on flying cars and their social impact. He believes they are the right thing for humanity. His signature is to always look at art and design with ethical, technical and social questions in mind. An approach that led him to be a Singularity University alumni (NASA Ames, California, USA), inserting him in a global learning and innovation community that is using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. David Michel holds a bachelor degree in industrial design from the Bezalel academy of art and design (Jerusalem, Israel) where he graduated with excellence. His interest in Judaica and religious artifacts comes after a long investigation into charging holiness (הָּׁשֻדְק) into simple objects, particularly found metals. By collecting, cleaning, and reassembling found metals, he creates unique and non reproducible pieces, reflecting the beauty and fundamental simplicity of jewish belief. In his ongoing series of Hanukkioth - probably the most recognized artifact reminder of the lost temple and the thousands years loaning for the return to zion - he attempts to resolve his Isaeli "ready made" education with the fine craftsmanship of lost jewish communities, to create contemporary pieces that are themselves an act of belief. He creates one to two pieces a year that he usually gives to close friends and family. He made his 2016 piece available for HaYom collectors. All the Hanukkioth are fully kosher and withstand all religious rules for such (some are Mehadrin ןיִרְּדַהְמ).